Rocky Jaiswal


I am an experienced software engineer who has been building web and mobile applications professionally since 2002. I started programming way back in school using Pascal & C (around 1996) and learned my craft through by developing, architecting and leading software projects. I love to code, I like to help people through code and I enjoy working with a good team of developers.

Currently I enjoy working with NodeJS, ReactJS, TypeScript, Kotlin & DevOps (AWS / Docker / Python). I was a Java programmer from 2002-2011, Ruby programmer for 3-4 years after that. Now, I mostly work with TypeScript or JVM languages like Kotlin. I am also interested in functional programming languages like Clojure.

I have developed numerous mobile / web applications and worked on building large enterprise software for McKinsey & Company, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, Ergo among other clients in the US, UK , Europe and Japan. I have lived and worked in as many as as nine countries.

On the personal front, I now live with my family in the beautiful city of Berlin, Germany. I am trying to learn German and plan to live here as long as God permits. I believe in __**Jesus**__ who has blessed me all my life from a small town in India to a major city in Europe. Jesus also healed me from a difficult disease in 2020.


Programming languages

  • JavaScript / TypeScript
  • Java / Kotlin
  • Ruby / JRuby
  • Python (for scripting)
  • Clojure (elementary)

Frameworks / Libraries

  • ReactJS / React Native
  • NodeJS
  • Ruby on Rails


  • PostgreSQL / AWS RDS
  • Redis
  • MongoDB


  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • Ansible
  • AWS
  • GCP


Worth a mention


  • Punjab Engineering College - Bachelor of Engineering (July 1998 to May 2002)



I do not collect any data on this website. The site uses a twitter and disqus script to show my recent tweets and manage comments. I do not use these for any data collection whatsoever.