Integrating Google Re-Captcha with a Rails app


So you want to use re-captcha in your Rails application to avoid bots spamming your site, look no further -

In your Rails 3 gem file add the gem "scaffoldhub"

Do a - bundle install

Lets say you want to create a comment page with re-captcha so that you save on spam -

rails generate scaffoldhub comment name:string email:string comment_text:text --scaffold comments_captcha

You will get the model, controller and view generated for creating a re-captcha secured comment.

Finally to make the re-captcha work, you need to do these steps -

Add include ReCaptcha::AppHelper in your ApplicationController before the line before protect_from_forgery.

Add include ReCaptcha::ViewHelper in your ApplicationHelper.

Sign up to and get you re-captcha keys. Add them in config/environment.rb -

**RCC_PUB='abc_your_key' **# Please use keys for your own domain **RCC_PRIV='xyz_your_key' **# Please use keys for your own domain

Remember to do a db:migrate and restart your server (as we changed environment.rb). Your re-captcha is configured and ready to use!