Thoughts of the week 24 - 30 April


Busy busy last week. But still got a lot of time to think on my way back home. -Only two things that you should aim for - happy teams and delighted customers. Choose any process that gives you these. Why I favor Agile? Because I have seen it deliver these two things time and time again. -The dictionary meaning of estimate - es·ti·mate/-mit/ - Noun: An approximate calculation or judgment of the value, number, quantity, or extent of something. Wonder when the IT industry turned estimates to contracts?? -If I were to hire me, what would I pay myself? Crazy thought. -Need to read this daily - -The organization hired you for a reason. So while being flexible, one should not change his/her principles to fit in the organization. Because what makes you special is your uniqueness :). -Practical never changed the world (oldie but a goldie). -It takes a lot of effort to keep things simple. Making complex solutions is way too easy. -Joke between Indian developers - Developer 1 : "You know, I went to XYZ country and the office was empty by 6 PM". Everyone else laughs their socks off. I don't know whether to smile or frown. -I think I have have turned a corner. I now think what is the minimum amount of money I need, I plan to have no mortgage/home loan, pay off my car loan and see what is the minimum salary I can get by. Then I can concentrate on other important things.